"say something i’m giving up on you"

There’s love that gives you wings, and love that chains you to the ground.
Seek the love that frees you and raises you.
Leave the love that shackles, behind.
Yasmin Mogahed


Your opinion matters! - Ostad Alireza Panahian [ENG SUBS]

Many people try to solve the problem of heartbreak by hardening their hearts. But the hardened heart is the most distant from Allah. So by hardening the heart, you aren’t protecting yourself. You’re killing yourself. The heart that’s alive is by definition entirely soft, fragile, and vulnerable. It is by definition breakable. That’s why we are taught to surround it with layers upon layers of protection. Thikr (remembrance of God) works to protect the heart, while at the same time softening it. And the more we remember Him, the more protection we build for a softer and softer heart.
Yasmin Mogahed (via fallenpeach)

Translation: No good in him; who does no good for other people.


Translation: No good in him; who does no good for other people.


Sara (Dariush Mehrjui - 1992)

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حاج سید مهدی میرداماد - غم صادق



Above: The Satanic State murders, then crucifies, three civilians accused of “collaborating” with the Syrian Ministry of Intelligence.

This is the “religion” of this cult of apostates who worship only at the altar of filth, sacrilege, and death. Every banner they raise and every word they utter is blasphemy against Allah Almighty. Woe to the one who supports them or is pleased by their deeds, as Hellfire itself, roaring and blazing, yearns for them. The Lord of the Worlds will judge them with His justice, not His mercy.

Furthermore, as Imam al-Baqir (peace be upon him) has said: Whoever deliberately kills a believer, Allah will absolve the believer of his sins and fasten them upon the heart of his killer; and that is the word of Allah, the Blessed and Most High: {I desire that you earn [the burden of] my sin and your sin, to become one of the inmates of the Fire} (5:29).

These are not people. They are inhumane savages hijacking Islam for their own bloodlust and carnivorous desires. Do they not fear the final judgement?!


Do not delay asking for forgiveness. Every night before you sleep, ask for forgiveness from Allah. Because the second you close your eyes, your soul departs your body. But its return is never guaranteed.

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